Our legal fees are offered on a “no move, no legal fee” basis. If your sale and purchase does not proceed to exchange, you will not have to pay any legal fees for the work we have undertaken for you. You will still be responsible for any payments made to third parties on your behalf during the course of the transaction.

We believe in transparency and in helping you to budget for buying or moving costs with confidence. You may find the costs information provided by the Money & Pensions Service helpful.

Once we know the details of your proposed transaction, we will provide you with a full written illustration of the legal fees and anticipated third party costs available.

We believe in price transparency and a fixed price, so you can budget with confidence – the amount of legal fees and payments to third parties illustrated in our estimate will only be varied in the following specific circumstances:

  • If you fail to provide full or correct information at time of instruction or your requirements change (for instance, you state it is a freehold property but it transpires to be a leasehold property).
  • If there is a mortgage involved on your transaction, that you have not told us about. There will be legal work to be undertaken on behalf of the lender, and the lender will expect you to meet our additional legal fees that we incur, to fulfil their instructions.
  • Where additional legal services are requested or required. We endeavour to offer these on a fixed fee basis – these will be transparently set out in our Menu of Optional Services, or we will agree a fee with you.

We work with a number of leading Estate Agents across the country, who support us in a variety of ways, for instance, marketing our services, assisting you in completion of our paperwork throughout the transaction, acting as our agent in verifying identity in person, sales progression throughout the transaction and on purchases, collecting payment for searches. In return for this support, we pay a variable referral fee to these Estate Agents, based on the tasks that they support us with, and the average fee paid is £267. This amount is paid by ourselves upon completion, and is not an additional cost to you.



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