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Estate Agents & Brokers

Why instruct us?

At Conveyancing Direct, we believe in partnering with the best in the residential property industry. We have proven that with a robust eye for detail and quality, estate agents and lending partners benefit reciprocally, as not only do sales complete quickly and to a high standard, their reputation is also enhanced. Not all conveyancers are created equal, hence it pays to work with those who have a solid track record for excellence.

So why exactly should you partner with Conveyancing Direct?

We have the scale and backing

Conveyancing Direct sits on big shoulders. We are proud to be a subsidiary of Skipton Building Society; a house-hold name, and an award-winning organisation.  By partnering with a strong and successful company, your stakeholders and your clients will have the confidence we will be in business for the long-term.

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We have the experience

Since our inception in 1992 Conveyancing Direct has had the pleasure in completing over 220,000 successful sales, purchases and re-mortgages for our valued clients. In fact, according to The Land Registry, Conveyancing Direct is one of the top ten UK conveyancing firms based on the number of registrations we process.

In this industry, experience really does count. Since 1992, we have constantly refined our processes and approach to give the best service in the industry, by ensuring that all customers receive the same thorough, efficient, and well-informed experience.

You and your clients can rely on us to deliver

We want you to know once you refer a client to us, they are in the best hands possible, and we will take care of the case fully. Integral within our ethos is that when we say we will do something, you can be assured it will be done on time and with no stone left unturned. We set service level targets to ensure at each stage of the transaction, from initial conversation to completion, we progress and respond promptly and completely.

In business you need reliability and dependability. By partnering with Conveyancing Direct, we will work closely with you to maximise your completion rates. You can rest assured that we will always aim to reach each completion without delay; our reputation depends on it.

Our clients trust us

Over 300 other Estate Agents, Brokers, and Lenders, already trust us to act in their best interests and those of their clients. We have amassed a solid reputation since 1992, and this is why our clients return, and recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues. We have earned the trust of thousands of clients and business partners over the years, and we will earn yours too.

To enquire about our great partnership programme call us today on 01424 464900 or email us at to discuss becoming one of our trusted partners and start benefiting from the results straight away.



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