Equal Opportunities Policy

This document sets out the Company’s policy on equal opportunities at work. The company recognises that our people are our greatest asset and we expect everyone within the
Company to adhere to the policy and ensure its consistent application at all times.

  1. Policy Statement
    The company is committed to a policy of treating all employees and job applicants equally at all times. No employee nor potential employee shall be treated less favourably on the grounds of race, colour, religion/religious belief, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, marital status, age or sexual orientation nor be disadvantaged by the imposition of qualifications or requirements which cannot reasonably be justified as necessary on operational or business grounds. There should be no discrimination against disabled persons on the grounds of their disability where they are able to carry out a job within the medically advised limits of that disability. The company will recruit, train, develop and promote on the basis of merit, ability and job requirements.
  2. Recruitment
    All recruitment advertisements, both internal and external, shall require only those qualities which are essential to the performance of the role and shall describe vacancies in such a way that no suitably qualified person is deterred from applying without any preference implied for any particular groups of applicants. The selection process will be carried out in a consistent manner at all levels and be based on agreed criteria. Where selection tests are used these will be relevant to the position and administered and scored in a consistent and non-discriminatory way. All staff involved in interviewing will have received the appropriate training and will only ask questions which are job related and non-discriminatory and interpret answers in a similar way.
  3. Training and Career Development
    Training is provided for all staff to enhance the level of skills and knowledge and to allow
    more effective performance in the job. The company is committed that all employees should
    receive an equal opportunity to develop their potential and achieve career progression through a consistent approach based on objective appraisal and assessment. Specific training will be provided to those staff involved in the management, control and implementation of equal opportunities to allow them to satisfy the requirements of the policy.
  4. Terms and Conditions
    The company does not discriminate with regard to pay or other conditions of employment, nor in the provision of benefits, facilities and services.
  5. Grievance
    The grievance procedure is available to any individual member of staff who may wish to raise
    a complaint regarding equal opportunities. This will be conducted in the strictest confidence and will not prejudice either current employment or future career progression.
  6. Dignity At Work
    Refer to the company’s Dignity at Work Policy, copy of which can be found in your Employee Handbook.
  7. Implementation and Control
    The equal opportunities policy is communicated to everyone internally and also to any external agencies who may be affected. The policy is closely monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is both non-discriminatory and represents best practice in the area of equal opportunities. Responsibility for implementation and control of this policy lies with the Directors of the company; however, employees at all levels within the company have responsibility for ensuring that the policy is adhered to consistently.



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